Weinkellerei Stämpfli AG equips Bordeaux 2018 with vinID NFC tags

on February 25, 2021

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Weinkellerei Stämpfli AG from Bern region. vinID will equip their “en primeur” Bordeaux 2018 bottles and cases, which are currently being delivered around the globe.

Weinkellerei Stämpfli AG is a wine merchant, founded in 1924 and specialised in European fine wine. They also operate a wine vault (Weinlager Laupen).

What are the benefits?

Having equipped their bottles and cases with the exclusive vinID tags, Weinkellerei Stämpfli AG is maximising transparency and guaranteeing authenticity. Their customers can expect an outperformance versus non-tagged assets as well as a better secondary market liquidity in case they should sell their wine in the future. At the same time, a wealth of information (about the respective vintage, food pairing suggestions, decanting methods, etc.) can be attached to the products and thereby greatly enhancing their customers’ experience.

How do the vinID NFC tags work?

Weinkellerei Stämpfli authenticates its new deliveries, which they have recently received from various châteaux across the Bordeaux region. Afterwards, vinID equips all bottles and cases with NFC tags, which give each wine bottle an individual DNA – the UID (Unique Identity) . This DNA is dynamically encrypted, making it impossible to duplicate the tag. This identity is assigned to the respective owner, transformed into a token, and immutably stored on blockchain. Each transfer of ownership creates a new entry on the ledger, thereby creating a unique and comprehensive transaction history for each wine bottle.

When are you ready to create digital twins of your products for your customers? Please contact us or send an email to sebastian@collectid.net.

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About Sebastian

Sebastian is Managing Director of vinID. Sebastian holds the WSET Level 3 and is currently completing his "Weinakademiker Diploma". Prior to his engagement with fine wine Sebastian has worked in the investment bank and wealth management industry for 15 years. He holds a double diploma in European Business Studies from Oxford Brookes University and the University of Applied Sciences in Regensburg.
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