Every bottle has a story to tell.

Protect its authenticity and engage with your customers.

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New Technology, New Opportunities

vinID combines blockchain and NFC technology to ensure each product has its own unique and dynamically encrypted ID.


With our technology, your story and emotions are told directly through the bottle. Provide unique infor-mation and experiences in a proactive and targeted way.

Authentic Experience

Each bottle has it own digital passport (NFT) including opening detection. Protect your heritage with our new authentication and trans-parency standard.

Information & Data

vinID tags enable supply control and inventory intelligence. Use digital twins as the basis for customer releationship management.

Additional Revenues

There are endless opportunities:

  • Access to new customer groups
  • Increased costumer engagement
  • Subscriptions and DTC – Sales
  • Premiumisation of your offering

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Easily accessible & solving real world challenges

Our vintners, their partners, and the end-customer don’t need to know much about Web3.0 and NFT. We will provide an easy immersion into the phygital world.

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What our clients say about our technology

We are very happy that for the first time in Germany, bottles of wine have been equipped with an innovative blockchain solution. Through the combination of blockchain technology and a special NFC tag, the auction wines are secured and their authenticity is guaranteed. It is not possible to create a copy of the bottle or refill the bottle unnoticed. This innovative guarantee of authenticity is a big value add for wine enthusiasts, collectors, merchants as well as wineries.

Jasmin Bähr

Sales & Marketing, Kloster Eberbach

We have successfully fitted the first cases of Bordeaux 2018 with NFC tags. As a player in the industry, I want to contribute to maximize transparency and protect wines as well as the clientele. Through vinID, the wines are literally becoming transparent products. It is also possible to track the temperature of the wine storage facility, which also contributes to quality assurance. Every wine bottle deserves a passport to tell its story and pass on its valuable natural and cultural heritage.

Nicolas Stämpfli

CEO, Weinkellerei Stämpfli AG - vinorama.ch

Are you ready to protect your heritage and bring customer engagement to a new level?